Mission Statement

The mission of Patient First is to provide health care services that are accessible, cost-effective, and of the highest quality with a strong commitment to preserving human dignity.

Although we at Patient First are here to serve your immediate medical needs, our goal is to meet your long term medical needs and treat those needs and those of your family for many years to come. We are not really an urgent care center but a whole family center.

In our lobby is a bronze and marble monument titled the “pillars of life” with the inscription: “Upon these pillars our living heritage rests…..From those who came before, for those who are yet to come.”

If you have a concerns/ complaints we certainly welcome you to email/ call us. However, if you feel it necessary, the Ohio State Medical Board is responsible for license and discipline of Ohio Physicians.

The administration of healthcare these days, especially the billing aspect, can be challenging and frustrating. We do all our billing on site, and ask your patience as your claim navigates the submission/ compensation process.

We feel drug samples help our patients save money. We feel it allows the patient to “try out” the medication first. We also encourage and cooperate in any wrong we can with pharmaceutical patient assistance programs that provide free prescription medications to those who cannot afford them, for up to a year.

In addition, we strive to write generics whenever possible.